The longest tube escalator

Posted: 24 September, 2010 in the tube

Angel tube station, Northern Line. I’ve seen many a broken person gasp to a halt halfway up.

  1. sixsixeight says:

    Angel – easy! My legs have been honed since youth to scale these things. As a North Londoner the day I can’t walk to the top of a northern line escalator is definitely the day I have to consider moving to the countryside!

    What I miss is the terrors of the single platform that the Angel used to have.

    • lynnbashforth says:

      I have had to train my legs since coming to London but they’ve had a while now and I make it a point of principle to walk all escalators too! Slaloming between lost tourists is the best bit…

    • lynnbashforth says:

      Thanks for looking and commenting, btw! Much appreciated 🙂

  2. sixsixeight says:

    Pleasure – have only just realised what sort of blog this is – v nice. I thought it was going to be music you were listening to on your commute – but it is really nice pictures instead – love it.

    Oh yes showing ones superiority of escalator mobility and manners is by far the best bit – tourists – don’t ya just love em 🙂

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