Big Ben at dawn

Posted: 4 October, 2010 in buildings, the river
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The big old clock itself, from the pier at the London Eye. Other commuters looking at me strangely for acting the tourist.

  1. sixsixeight says:

    What kind of camera are you using? Love the orange glow.

    • lynnbashforth says:

      This is taken with the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone – reproduces the look from all those strange little 70s film cameras đŸ™‚ there’s a different lens setting that turns everything grungy as well. Bit of fun! I rarely have a bigger camera with me when commuting, too much other stuff in my bag.
      Also have PS Express free app for iPhone and iPad which is great for tweaking a few things before posting.

    • lynnbashforth says:

      The orange glow effect is my favourite too though – glad it’s not just me!

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