Strand Station

Posted: 14 October, 2010 in the tube
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Closed for business…

  1. The door behind which adventures begin…

  2. sixsixeight says:

    Interesting and effective use of blurryness. I remember the strand…..I think – having a crisis now cos there used to be a Trafalgar square and they changed it all when I was little and turned it all into Charring Cross.

    The joys of google – I’m not going mad after all đŸ™‚

    So that is why the strand existed for me – it used to be Charring Cross on the Northern Line, and why I never remember Embankment as a small child. So a ghost from my past anyway!

    • lynnbashforth says:

      I thought the blurryness suited the slightly unreal status of the station now… by the time I came to London, they had already made all those station changes, I hadn’t realised all that history, thanks!

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