My photo impressions of a commuter’s life in and around London.

Most people seem to travel with their heads down, their iPods plugged in and an overwhelming lack of curiosity in, or appreciation of, the sights around them, even in the most humdrum of London’s public transport arenas.

I try to lift my head up and look. And capture something of the beauty and the oddness I see.

Join in if you will.

  1. theskiver says:


    I have only just discovered this. What a great idea, and some wonderful photos. I’ve linked to the RSS feed so that I don’t miss any more.


  2. Kath says:

    Hey Lynn, lovely to find you again via facebook and what a great site! Never knew you were a photographer.

  3. lynnbashforth says:

    Kind words from you both, thank you! I’m so pleased other people are enjoying the photos too.

  4. Clem says:

    Hey Lynn,

    Just actually looked at this and think it’s fantastic! I also find it sad that people whizz around oblivious to how lovely London can be! And now you’re capturing it. Great pics.

    • lynnbashforth says:

      Thank you Clem! I’m having a lot of fun doing it and so it’s even better that other people are enjoying them too 🙂

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