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Earlsfield arches

Posted: 4 September, 2012 in buildings, walking
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Unexpected but wonderful view through a series of blocks of flats.



St Paul’s from my ferry

Posted: 9 August, 2011 in the river
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The river always gives me a different perspective on our city.


Enduring London

Posted: 9 August, 2011 in the river

The ferry to work seemed more appropriate today, passing some of the iconic views of our capital. And none better to start with..


Making good headway towards Canary Wharf, just this little bridge to pass by first.

Beautiful Spring morning (though nippy!), Houses of Parliament shining across the river, ferry on its way. A broken Jubilee Line has its advantages then.

Homeward bound

Posted: 14 October, 2010 in the trains
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Remind me why I do this every day? At least it’s on the way home…

Fleet Street timekeeping

Posted: 13 October, 2010 in buildings, walking
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Just opposite my old offices it pays to look up… most people miss this colourful sight. It’s time to start a set of views from above the regular commuter’s eyeline.